City harbor and Greenstar

This site-plan is the vague answer to "what will be built on our waterfront?" As it continues to change and grow the project can only get better!  A couple important things to note:

  1. Look at those walks. Expansion to the waterfront trail combined with sidewalks built from every location makes these developments highly walkable.

  2. Buildings blocks. The shaded areas where buildings will be are only suggestions, as the model changes these placeholders might change with it.

  3. Marina. Marina. Marina. Not only will docks be available throughout construction and beyond, so will repair services, ships store, and expanded maritime activities and opportunities.

  4. Greenstar Expansion. The west end is due to keep our favorite grocery store. Much like the waterfront will change over the next few years so will Greenstar- and only for the better.

  5. Jobs. Between Greenstar, Guthrie, Residential management and proposed restaurants the City Harbor project is expected to generate well over 120 new jobs- and they are in Ithaca's core.

Greenstar 1:23:18.png

A new beginning...

For too long Ithaca's waterfront has been brushed aside for industry.  Apart from countless private properties, a few parks and our short boating season the bulk of Ithacans do not have a daily opportunity to interact with what makes our region so special: the waterways.  


Did you know that Cayuga lake is connected to the Erie Canal via the Cayuga-Seneca that also connects the two largest finger lakes?  Did you know you can hop on a boat at City Harbor and hop off in Florida without ever touching dry land?

Our little town has been shaped by the water above which we settled. Our team's goal is to bring the public down to its shores and reinvigorate the shores of Ithaca's best natural feature.

Stay tuned for more,

City Harbor Team

The Project

Our development is designed to become its own community, with several distinct elements and designed to be symbiotic with the greater downtown Ithaca area.  In order to accomplish this goal we have set out to create, residential units, food and beverage venues (large and small scale), small artisan shops, homegrown grocery, and class A office space.  All aspects of the project will include maritime uses, including slips for both transient and summer boaters, a ships store and fueling.